Natural Azurite Mineral Specimen Blue Malachite Decoration Gift Chessylite

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It is a stunning, “wide plate of sparkling azurite crystals with fibrous malachite, collected from the Sepon mine in Laos. Azurite crystals come in a variety of sizes, giving it a brilliant blue color.
The extraordinary combination of malachite and creates a stone of great healing and is a powerful conductor of energy.
This crystal holds the properties of both malachite and azurite. it expands one’s awareness, creates emotional balance and activates a protective shield against negative or hostile fores.

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Azurite stimulates the 3ed eye and enhances inner vision, psychic power, intuition and intellect. It also strengthens the astral and rtheric bodies making one less vulnerable to psychic attack or attachments.

Malachite absorbs negative enegies filtering them from the body, energetic levels of the patterning and atmosphere.

It is well known that azurite and malachite were formed in combination because their chemical composition is very similar. In fact, the presence of more or less water in the formation is enough to determine whether there is more malachite than azurite, or vice versa.

These minerals tend to be found near copper mines, which explains the color the minerals show. Azurite and malachite have been found symbiotic with copper-rich and ferric oxide substrates in Laos.

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