How to Identify Natural Crystal Spheres?


In the crystal world, a perfect crystal ball is very precious, because of the high risk during the process of grinding a crystal, which is easy to crack and then the previous work are all wasted. It takes at least four to six times more raw material to make a ball than itself weight, which makes the sphere very rare. The natural crystal ball itself is a sphere, a symbol of magical power, meaning complete, mellow and harmony. It helps realize people’s dreams. So how do you identify a natural crystal ball?

Inclusion. Due to the influence of the natural crystal generation environment, there are generally cotton floss or cracks, or mineral inclusions inside the natural crystal ball. These cotton floss are gas-liquid inclusions observed with a magnifying glass. Mineral inclusions have certain shapes and various colors, while the inclusions in the imitation products are bubbles or stirring texture like stirring syrup.  So it must be imitation if you see the bubbles or stirring texture inside the crystal sphere.

Touch. Whether in hot summer or cold winter, the natural crystal ball feels cool when touched by the hand, while the imitation feels warm. But do not touch for a long time, the first feeling is the most accurate.When time is up, you will not be so sure.

See double reflection. Put the crystal ball on the paper with words or lines, and observe the changes of the words or lines below, if you see two reflections of the words or lines, it is a real crystal ball, otherwise it is an imitation.  It is important to rotate the sphere to observe, because crystal is anisotropic, whereas glass is isotropic.  But according to the crystal structure, when observe the crystal in the direction of the vertical optical axis, the result is the same as the glass, and rotating the sphere can avoid the direction of the vertical optical axis,  which can avoid wrong judgment.

There are many cracks or separate a few cracks (which can be seen in fake ones because they can be made by people)  in natural crystal sphere. But the natural cracks are irregular, with the ice cotton floss like the fog. The cracks will be reflected to be unstable sparkling colorful spots when you look the crystal sphere towards the sun. Crystal itself is not expensive, but troublesome to be processed. The irregular semi-finished products are ground into round by putting them into a rotation machine with emery, which makes cracks as temperature goes up due to the high speed friction. It only takes several dozens of dollars to buy a piece of rough stone, but the labour is more expensive than crystal itself.

Post time: Aug-08-2022